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About Statuesque Living Statues

Statuesque's human statues are a great way to enhance any event - as a way of creating a buzz they are unbeatable. Statuesque has many characters available including classical Roman, mermaids, angels, cupids, mannequins etc. Statuesque has provided living statues for clients including BMW, Microsoft, Guinness, Cartier, Samsung and Rolls Royce, has performed at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, and also appeared in the Kaiser Chief's "The Modern Way" video and on ITV's "Loose Women".

What to expect

The usual amount of time that our living statues perform for is 2 x 45 or 3 x 30 minute sets, although more sets can be done on request with up to a maximum of 60 minutes per set. During this time they will hold elegant static poses, coming to life to surprise and amuse your guests. Our statues have even been known to climb off their plinths and dance when appropriate! Your statue(s) will arrive approximately 1 1/2 hours before the start of their performance in order to get ready - it is vital for them to have somewhere secure to get changed and apply body paint where they can also leave their belongings - in an ideal world there would also be a shower available to them, but running water will suffice if necessary. All our performers are full members of Equity and therefore have Public Liability insurance.

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