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5 Romantic Ideas for Your Wedding Entertainment

26th January 2017 by Administrator RP
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Ice Sculptures or Ice Luge

A really cool way to show someone you love them is to have the word carved as an ice sculpture or as a vodka luge. Both visually impressive and functional too as they can be used to serve ice cold drinks. Choose from a selection of sculptures or have a bespoke design carved espeically for you and add your own mix of drinks for you very own cocktail ice-bar.


Singing Waiters

What if your waiter suddenly burst into song and instead of serving food and drinks they lept into a breathtaking performance. You could dress your singing waiter in the uniform to match other staff to help deliver the surprise and ensure an unforgettable experience. Singing Waiters are perfect addition to any dinner to add the element of surprise.



There are very few instruments out there that can compare to the Saxophone to sound romantic. Whether it’s for background music in a restaurant, during a dinner date or for evening drinks, adding a saxophone will add instant romance to your Valentine’s Day Event.



Softer than the sax in terms of sound but certainly on par when it comes to romance is the Piano. Another fantastic option for restaurants, drinks receptions and dinner parties, the piano is versatile, elegant and really classy.

String Musicians

An Electric Violin is a great choice for a Valentine’s Day surprise. As they are solo performers, they take up little space but can produce a stunning sound. They can perform bespoke song requests during dinners and dinner parties alike and they will look exquisite too.



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