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5 tips on how to turn your hobby as a DJ into making some serious money!

14th April 2017 by Administrator RP
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Chances are you're not making enough money from DJ'ing to give that extra cash to splash out, but there are ways you can add to whatever you're being paid as DJ...

Apart from your fee for playing out here are a few ideas to make the extra money

1. Build your brand and start sell merchandise. You've got a DJ logo, haven't you? Why not get some T-shirts printed up, and get the venue to display them behind the bar? Wear one yourself when DJing, and sell them (maybe on a profit split with the venue - they can possibly co-brand them). Even if you end up doing this at cost, it's getting your name out there...

2. Those who can "Teach" learn to teach other how to DJ and offer them some of your merchandise to sell or include some of your merchandise with a group purchase of lessons. 


3. Sponsorship. You may be able to get sponsorship from local suppliers of equipment or even manafacturers? Rather than cash it may help if you share your gigs on line, with videos and images which contain links or images from your sponsor. 


4. Advertise by posting adverts on your website and I don't mean to sell your merchandise or your DJ services, but advertise gear, products, DJ related items, events and more. 


5. Socialise ensure your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Rated Performers profiles are upto date, take photos, share them online and email your activity promoting your gigs with links back to your website, check your stats and share your analytics with your advertisers or potential sponsors. 


If you have found a way to earn extra cash above your usual DJ fees please let us know by joining the conversation and commenting below? 

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Administrator RP 19/04/2018 at 14:22 PM

Thanks for the tips!