First Bjorn based in Windsor

First BJ can play sturning music with sound tracks back up.

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About First Bjorn

First Bjorn is a team that perfoms as sturning music with tracs to back the music up. The team has the skill to make all the gusts invited dance to the tune the whole night. If you have a party, thisteam is the ideal one to have them entertain your guests. The abbility to shift the music through all ages and genres is also with the team.


I saw First Bjorn in 2010 and I would like to provide an honest account of their performance. They're easily in the top five Abba tribute acts in Windsor, likely within the top three. Fair, they're not quite within the 'Abba Gold' (Westminster) Tribute league but for the Home Counties they hold their own. First Bjorn defeated Kent's Abba Chique as well as Sussex' AbbaMia, annihilating both title claimants in the third round with Winner Take All. I'm confident they'll be at regionals this year.




When: 21/04/2010

Where: United Kingdom

Awarded by Fernando on Thursday, 06 April 2017

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